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What Did Jesus Say About Change? September 29, 2009

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It’s one of the greatest constants in life. Whether because of slow and gradual passing of time, or fast almost earth shattering moments, change happens to everyone.

People change, relationships change, jobs change, technology changes. Life itself can be accurately described as a process of continual change. That’s such a comforting thought!

Some changes are positive

  • New friends like we have here
  • New house
  • New Babies
  • Winning the lottery!

Others are negative

  • An injury
  • Loss of a job
  • An upheaval from a natural disaster like we’ve seen in Murfreesboro last spring.

Either way, change produces stress.  I have a friend in Columbia, who after trying to have a baby for years, finally became pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy!!!  Positive !!!  One day a couple of weeks into being a new mom she calls me on the phone sobbing…I said…”What’s wrong…is everything ok with the baby.”  She says through heavy tears…”He keeps crying and I haven’t been able to get into the shower in two days…”

Even positive, wonderful changes produce stress!!!

Here’s what we’ll learn from a story in the OT.  Guess who the character is?

  • Handsome and bright, the favorite son of a wealthy father.
  • His brothers didn’t like him…at all!
  • He found himself in a pit…not once, but twice!

Joseph was born with the silver spoon in his mouth. Then everything changed.

In a nut shell – His brothers hated him, threw him in a pit, told their dad a lion got him, but really they sold him.  He found himself a slave to a big time pharaoh.  Joseph did all the right things and lived with integrity…which landed him in another pit.   For years!!!  The story does have a happy ending though…go check it out on your own.  We find his story in Genesis chapter 37 – chapter 45.

He experienced the loss of his home, his family, his trust, his freedom…and probably much more if we where there with a first account to see him go through his ordeal.  Yet, Joseph managed to survive with his faith in tact. He found a way to maintain his character and integrity in the middle of the change. And the stability came from his deepening faith in God.

The Bible has these 2 great truths about Change.

1. Despite the changing world around us – God is changeless & dependable. (Read Hebrews 1:12)

2. God calls for an inner change of heart – a repentance which means a 180 degree change in your direction. I was headed this way, now I’m headed the other way. This produces an outer change in our lifestyle – an obedience. (Read Luke 19:1-10)

When you feel anxious about change in your life remember who you are and more important, who God is.


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