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What Did Jesus Say About Friendship? September 29, 2009

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We humans have a tremendous need for companionship. Jesus knew this about us. Even in His day, just before he was leaving, His words were not…”okay…remember points one, two and three.” or Peter, keep your eyes up when walking on water. But instead his words to them were “I will be with you always.” He knew we needed this reassurance. So, how are you doing in the friend department? How many friends do you have? Who are they? If you are like most of us your friends range from casual acquaintances to those who you would die for.

Jesus knew we needed to spend time together. Companionship is precious and an expensive commodity because it can only be bought with the one thing that seems so scarce….TIME. Georgia O’Keeffe wrote in a letter to a friend, “To see a flower takes time, just like to have a friend takes time.”

Tina is one my my treasured friends. She now lives 7 hours away, but I will always be grateful for her guidance throughout my life. But what I treasure most about her is our meaningless conversations. I spent time with her on our recent trip to Columbia for a wedding and we talked about the squirrels that leave acorns on her deck, we talked about the insane pitch of her lawn that makes it nearly impossible to mow, we talked about the best way to attach a patch to a boy scout uniform–she says if glue can hold rindstones, it can hold a patch – you see her daughter is a dancer. Meaningless conversations really:) Yet the thing I value most is her companionship – even in the long distances that now separate our face to face conversations. I’ve talked to her when I didn’t know who else to talk to, she’s called me when she’s driving back from work just to say Hi. We’ve invested thousands of hours together, not because we had to but because we wanted to. I would do anything in my power to make her world somehow better.

There is a friendship we can learn a lot from in the Old Testament. I Samuel 18:1-4. When David and Jonathan met they became close friends. Their friendship was one of the deepest and closest. Here’s what made it special:
1 They based their friendship on commitment to God, not just each other. You see, I’ll always disappoint…just give me enough time.
2. They didn’t let anything come between them – pettiness, gossip, and all the other tantalizing habits that can get us off track.
3. They drew closer together when their friendship was tested.
4. They were able to remain friends to the end.

Just like David and Jonathan, this is the kind of companionship that Jesus saw that we all need. That’s way this environment is so important. Here you have a safe place to grow in your relationship with God, it’s a safe place to nurture those friendships and with time they will develop into relationships that you will rest your head upon when things get tough and run and laugh with when times are good.

That’s a little of what Jesus said about the value of spending time together. Next week we’ll discuss another “What did Jesus have to say” topic. We’re so glad that you’re here. Now lets get busy!


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