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So, What Does Jesus Say About Judging Others? November 5, 2009

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When others wrong us we cry out for justice.  Certainly things have happened to me in the past where I’ve wanted to exact a whip lashing form of justice that was as severe as my pain felt.  We’ve all been there.  We’ve all had these feelings.  And at times we’ve all acted on these feelings.

Jesus saw judging others as a major energy leak.  He said many times that he did not come to judge, but that he came to help.  He didn’t spend one minute tearing people down.  He spent His energy on creating and restoring.  Judging wasn’t his job.

John 5:45 says “But don’t think I’m going to accuse you before my Father.”  Kind of reminds me of tattle tailing.  Thank goodness Jesus isn’t a nark.  But can I say the same for myself.

Here’s what Judging does:

  1. Judgment halts progress.  When we judge others, we inhibit our own forward motion.
  2. Judgment causes us to not do our own job.  When we are too busy judging what others are doing we’re not in sync with the energy that keeps us moving forward.

    Think about it…when you’re all wrapped up in the “what she did” drama…are you really thinking about the places where Jesus is leading.  Of course not!  We’re all in the finger wagging, tongue flapping gossip that gets us in trouble.  And in every case…you’re looking backward, not forward.

  3. Judgment is sneaky!  Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re doing it.  When we look around to see where someone is, what someone is doing, and are they doing it better than I am.  We’re judging.

    You remember the story in the Bible in John 21: 21&22.  Peter is walking with Jesus and he notices John walking right behind him.  Peter asked Jesus “What’s going to happen to him?”  And Jesus has this to say…”What is that to you…You follow Me!”

    Basically Jesus was telling Peter what I’m sure He wants to say to all of us on a daily basis…”What is it to you what I’m doing in Mary’s life, Dana’s Life, Heather’s Life….Jody – all you need to worry about it following Me!  Keep your eyes on moving forward.

Jesus didn’t waste his time judging others.  Judging punishes, but mercy forgives.  One of the hardest things we can do is forgive someone who has wronged us.  But it is only through experiencing that same forgiveness that we can extend it.

So, here are my questions to you:

  • Do you have energy leaks that are caused by judging others?
  • What kinds of things can you do to support instead of judge?



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