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So, What Does Jesus Say About Worship? November 17, 2009

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Every weekend we see hundreds of thousands of frenzied fans cheering on their favorite teams.  Others set up elaborate tablescapes in preparation for their favorite feast.  Are we a culture where we invest everything we are in something we believe in?  We were designed to worship.  To worship is to place ultimate value on an object, then order your life around those things in which you believe.  And there is no one more worthy of our worship that God.  The Bible teaches that He alone is worthy of our praise.  Psalm 96:4  “Great is the Lord!  He is most worthy of praise!  He is to be revered above all the gods.”

Today we are experiencing what Jesus has to say about worship.  And we worship God alone because He alone is worthy!

(If you’re joining us online, you’re missing out on the live worship element.  I’d suggest you play your favorite worship cd and sit back and enjoy.)

Show Me Your Way:

Show me your way     That I may walk with you     Show me your way     I put my hope in you     The cry of my heart is to love you more     To move with the touch of your hand     Closer each day     Show me your way.

God is at work in you through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Even when you don’t feel like much is going on, God’s Spirit is moving, bubbling, welling up in the very depths of your life.  God wants our lives to be like a water that is stirred up.  He provides hope for the lost, rest for the weary.  Lord, I want to love you more.  I seek you first.  Show me your ways and help me walk in those places.  Fill me with hope.  Guide me with your hand.  Reveal yourself to me.  Let’s continue….

Reveal Yourself to Me:

If you want to speak to me, I’m listening     If you want to reach me, here I am      I admit I need your help     Let me draw from your deep well     Help me know you, help me understand

And reveal yourself to me     Reveal yourself to me     Give me eyes of faith, that I might see     Reveal yourself to me     Reveal yourself to me     Help me through my doubt and unbelief     Oh, gracious Lord, reveal yourself to me.

Lord, help me in my unbelief.  Help me to believe the promises that you offer.  Lord, you are filled with grace.  Give me eyes to see your will.  Help me know you more.  I am so little without you.  In these moments…be still and listen for His voice.

The Real Me:

I see scars     You see beauty     I see failure     You see maturity     I see loss     You see gain     I see ashes     You see a flame     Lord, remind me who I am     You see the real me     The true me     The me who’s haunted by a past that follows me     You see the real me     The true me     The me you had in mind when you created     The real me.

Lord you have created us special.  You have filled my life with good things.  Your unfailing love lifts me up.  Even when I am unlovable you love, you give, you see the real me that you’ve created.  You are my everything…and I again lift my voice to tell you so.

He Knows My Name:

I have a maker     He formed my heart     Before even time began     My life was in his hands.     He knows my name     He knows my every thought     He sees each tear that falls     And he hears me when I call.     I have a Father     He calls me his own     He’ll never leave me     No matter where I go

(Repeat chorus, then repeat song)

Worship allows us to come face to face with our Lord.  You’ve led us today on a discovery into your presence.  Lord, thank you for showing up in my life…Thank you for being a sure place to go to.  My strong hold, my safe place.  We give you who we are and the rest of our time together.  Amen.


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