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A New Emergency Room December 17, 2009

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The best thing I read this week…

Before the weather turned cold, Henry occasionally cooked on a grill by the side of the church; chicken, shrimp, whatever he could get donated.  he gave it out to however was hungry.  He even preached sometimes on a low crumbling concrete wall across the street.

“I’ve spread as much of God’s word on that wall,” Henry said one day, “as I have inside.”

How is that?

Because some people aren’t ready to come in.  Maybe they feel guilty, on accounta what they’re up to.  So I go out there, bring them a sandwich.”

Kind of like a house call?

“Yeah.  Except most of ’em don’t have houses.”

Are some of them on drugs?

“Oh, yeah.  But so are some folks coming in on Sundays.”

You’re Kidding.  During your service?

“Whoo, yeah.  I’m looking right at them.  You see that head whoppin’ and boppin’ and you say, ‘Umm-hmmm, they had something powerful.'”

That doesn’t bother you?

“Not at all.  You know what I tell them?  I don’t care if you’re drunk, or you just left the drug house, I don’t care.  When I’m sick, I go to the emergency room.  And if the problem continues, I go again.  So whatever is ailing you, let this church be your emergency room.  Until you get the healing, don’t stop coming.”

Told from the perspective of Henry…a drug dealer turned pastor and ministering in a church in downtown Detroit…

It’s the best thing I read this week that really made me think in a while new way about what the church is and should be to the world around them.  Thanks for the reminder.

Taken from the book:  “Have a Little Faith” by Mitch Albom


2 Responses to “A New Emergency Room”

  1. Stu Says:

    Hey Jody!

    I too read Have a Little Faith between Christmas and New Years. It was tremendous.
    My favorite scene involved Albert Lewis and Mitch on how to be happy…
    “Be Satisfied…Be Grateful.”

    So simple – yet difficult to do!!
    Talk to you soon –

    Stu Gray

  2. T Says:

    Hey..just breezed though these best things I read this week..love it! Now I want to read the Mitch book….keep them coming sis!

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