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The Sweet By and By Book Review January 11, 2010

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I was excited when I saw that Sara Evans had written a book “The Sweet By and By” ISBN 978-1595544896. We lived in Columbia, MO for years which is with minutes from her home town of New Franklin. Just gotta root for the hometown girl…even though we have both since relocated to Nashville. Go figure. I was expecting a biography, but to my surprise it was fiction. I love a good fiction read. In “The Sweet By and By” you’ll find compelling characters that you can relate to. You’ll find Jade – the independent first born who is controlled by images of her dysfunctional past. You’ll find Willow – the youngest and constant thrill seeker. You’ll find Aiden – the middle child pleaser and the one who is grounded in the truth. And, first and foremost you’ll find Beryl – the mother who trys to raise her children the best she can, even when her best is tearing the family apart. The story contains just enough twists and turns to keep you interested. Just when you think you know the next move…something new comes up. My only critique – of which is mostly a personal preference – is that the story is written where one chapter is in the present…then the next chapter flips to the past…and then back again. Just not my personal preference. I like a story where I’m given the background and then the rest of the novel takes me on the journey. Not a big fan of the flip flop. Unless they are in the form of footwear.

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