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When Time Goes Too Fast March 25, 2010

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Sometimes it seems like an endless list of things that simply must be completed right now…and if you could have done it yesterday it would have been better.  My oldest daughter is about to graduate high school and among all the things that I complain about on a daily basis I’m reminded that time really does go by fast.  “Did we get that grant application filled out yet?” “Did we set up that appointment for getting enrolled in your classes?” “What do yo mean they haven’t applied your dual enrollment grant!” – That was yesterday’s big deal!

Today’s “gotta get it done” was her Senior Tribute page for the yearbook.  And I was taken aback by the emotions that I felt as I searched through old pictures.  Where did the time go?  It seems like only yesterday she was the little girl with the bare bottom toddling through the living room (and no, I didn’t put that one in the yearbook.  I was tempted though:))

Kaleigh 1 Year Old

Kaleigh 1st Grade

Here’s what I chose…

Isn’t she so cute!!!  I mean check out those dimples!  Even at 1 year old she had a natural ability for talking on the phone.

I have a whole new appreciation for slowing down time these days.

Kaleigh Senior Picture


5 Responses to “When Time Goes Too Fast”

  1. Joseph Says:

    So true. It is amazing to me how fast time goes when you have kids and yet we worry about the dumbest things that really don’t matter a whole lot in the long run.

  2. The Baby Daddy Says:


    Still cute.

    Always has been.

    *lump in throat*

  3. Crazy Aunt Tina Says:

    Sniff sniff…love the beautiful young woman she is turning into..

    DANG – that’s Daddy’s little girl fur shurrrrr…

  4. Patti Says:

    Yes the time does travel quickly but there are lots of more memories to store as she grows and becomes the wonderful young woman God has in stored for her.

    My heart is with you as this is a very emotional time for both mom and dad but….wait until you leave her at college. The tears will definitely flow but…..worth every one of them.

    May God bless the family.
    Patti Spitler

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