Living Life in Real Time

The Main Character In the Story July 19, 2010

Here’s a little tidbit from a book I’ve been reading lately.  Just made me think about how I think about things.  It goes like this:

We have made conversion primarily about ourselves, a finding of ourselves and a fulfilling of ourselves.  We’ve made it a journey of self-discovery rather than a journey of God discovery.  Yet conversion is not about us, but about God’s overture of love, without which we are devoid of sufficient motive or power to change and be changed….

You are not the point. And we are not the point.  Jesus Christ always has been and always will be the point.  All the arrows point to Him and not to us….

You are a process of life that is greater than you.  The self only exists at all inasmuch as it participates in the being of God.

You are not the main character in your own story.  God in Christ is.”

I know there are more days than not that I consider myself the main character in my own story.  After reading these few pages…of which I’ve given you only a small glimpse…I’m driven to ask myself how I arrived at this destination.  All good and meaningful Christians would walk the streets and say “Well of course, Jesus is the main point.  What Christian doesn’t know that.”  The problem is that more often than not we look to see how we can be fulfilled not how we can fulfill others.

Here are some I asked myself and now I’m asking you:

  • How are you thinking and acting as if you’re the main character in your own story?
  • What are simple steps that you can take to begin to live beyond yourself?

Yourself only exists to the degree that you participate in what God has planned for your life.

You’ll find the above quoted excerpt in “The Jesus Manifesto” by Leonard Sweet & Frank Voila.  You’ll find my review of this book here.


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