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What an Amazing Children’s Book September 8, 2010

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The Boy Who Changed the World, by Andy Andrews is a wonderful children’s book about the power we have to change lives.  It’s a bedtime tradition to read our kids books before bed each night.  Sometimes reading the same old books gets a little boring, so I was very excited to get to read something new.  It’s a big 8.5 x 11 hardcover book with full page color pictures that are beautifully illustrated to draw your child into the story.

As we began reading the story of Norma Borlaug, which neither of us knew who he was, we were enamored by Andy Andrews storytelling that had us walking through corn fields playing games of hide and seek.  Then as the story progressed we were seamlessly woven into the stories of Henry Wallace and taken on an adventure by the river bank. Then to a little boy named George who knew a great deal about peanuts.  At this point in the story my son says “Hey…I know about him.  We talked about him in school.”  Then with a heightened curiosity we were taken into the story of George Washington Carver’s parents and into another adventure about a burning barn and a little baby boy that had my 7 year old’s eyes glued to the page with full attention to what would happen next.  Just amazing storytelling!

This children’s book did a great job of explaining how each of us…even at a young age…can make a difference in this world.  It’s simple enough for young readers to really get into the story and thought provoking and filled with historical events for older kids to enjoy.  I’m glad I can add this to our bedtime story stack.


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