Living Life in Real Time

When I Am Weak… September 24, 2010

I found myself riveted to the television…not because of the political nature of the topic, not because of the controversial aftermath of her ordeal, but because of the courage it took to just stay alive.  So, this week I’m bringing you my best straight from the Oprah show.

Ingrid Betancourt was a candidate for the Colombian presidency.  Who, on a political stop, was captured and held as prisoner in the Colombian jungle, tied to a tree, sleeping on the ground…  Then, after six years of captivity, was rescued by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

What struck me didn’t have anything to do with politics, didn’t have anything to do with if she was right or wrong in her motives.  It was instead the raw courage it took to survive. I know…we all like embedded videos, but it wasn’t available.

My best this week is here in a clip from the show!

My best comes at 1:36 into the clip where Ingrid begins to talk about her church.  At one point in the interview she mentions that before this experience she really had little use for God and thought Him quite a bore.  But throughout her captivity she opens up about how God becomes real.  I think that’s the point for many of us.  When things are going well we may give God the silent nod just to let Him know He can have the day off…and then carry on our way.

Then it’s in those places where we are met with turmoil that we find ourselves hungrily seeking Him.  We find ourselves destitute except for His mercy and grace.

My favorite quote from her video as she is talking about Paul and his message to the Romans was this:

“The more fragile he was the more stronger he was”

She’s referring to 2 Corinthians 12:9 where Paul is begging God to take him out of the place he is in.  I believe we all do that.  Please God…just help me get through this….  Please God…I can’t go on….  Please God….if you love me….

And yet the message God sends is this “I am enough…I am sufficient”

If not for our trials, we wouldn’t see His strength.  Like Ingrid said….the more fragile we are, then the stronger we are.  Not because we are strong in an of ourselves, but because the only place we have left to go is straight into the outstretched arms of God.  And it’s His strength that is perfected in our weakness.

When I take a really good look at my life, I’ve nothing but to be joyful…even in the trials.  Because when I am weak…well…you know the rest!

So…how has this changed how you look at your day?


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