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A Year With God Review December 2, 2010

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As I am writing this review I have 3 daily devotionals and a big, thumping NLT Study Bible sitting on my desk.  So the question that I think of right off the bat is what in the world do I need with another daily study.  Simple…  too many times the impact and the power of the actual words God spoke…like they are recorded in the Bible…are lost in a well meaning “telling” of the story.  That’s what this study has in its favor.  “A Year With God” ISBN 9780849976981 is a great combination of Biblical text, reflections and insights into that text that leads me into a wonderfully rounded morning.

Here are my favorite parts… The Biblical text is actually written at the top of each page.  So you don’t need to have a separate Bible to look up the verses…let’s just say it like it is…when I’m in a hurry that’s the part that gets left behind.  Love the way it’s dated “Day 7” instead of January 7.  That means I can pick up the study at any point in the year and not feel guilty about skipping 4 months of content to get to the right day.  Or in more likelihood I can miss a day or two and not feel guilty about being behind!  Just pick it up where you left off.  Another great selling point is that it’s broken up into topics…that way if I’m wanting to read a devotion about Mercy…I can flip to that section and find something that will fill me up for the day.  That’s a handy tool that many devotionals leave lacking.  What can I say…I liked it.  I’ll still keep my others on my desk, but definitely I’ll add this one to the stack!

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