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And It All Started With Advent January 7, 2011

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My original motivation for reading The Liturgical Year, ISBN 978-0849946073 was to become more familiar with the Advent season.  I grew up Baptist, as while we had a long list of do’s and don’ts we really didn’t incorporate practices of the church into our lives other than the marking off of the days until Christmas, waving the palms (which is really cool when you’re 7) and getting up at the crack of dawn on Easter Sunday.  I guess you could say we were more about the big events rather than the seasons.


Having worked with and in churches for several years I’ve noticed one thing:  people are yearning for this connection to traditions of faith.  We’re talking more than about “religion” we’re talking about the “relationship” and that’s what The Liturgical Year brought to the table.  It’s an easy read as far as a theology type of book goes.  It gives easily understood descriptions of the seasons of the church’s calendar, it tells you why they are important in the big picture and the chapters are short.  I’ve discovered, after a lifetime of being a Christian, an adventure in the history of the church.  Living the liturgical year gives me a basis and a grounding for the seasons I’ve celebrated for years, and the authors Chittister & Tickle have done it in a way that a novice can understand and begin to apply.   It’s an easy, quick read if you’re looking to dip your big toe in the ocean of Biblical theology.

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