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Finding Our Way Again Review February 27, 2011

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The expectations of the reader will determine if Brian McLaren’s “Finding Our Way Again” ISBN 0849946026 is a welcome door to discover new spiritual pursuits, or simply a poor set of directions to a destination.


Reading Finding Our Way Again made me think of a musical project that a friend of mine produced. The Colony presents: THE NEW TULSA SOUND is a compilation of established and emerging Tulsa musicians. The purpose of the CD is to serve as an introduction to several different artists, in varying styles and genres, held together by the common thread to geography. In this area, the project is a great success. I’ve found and purchased more music by the bands that I like on the sampler.  However, if one is looking for a unified musical experience, the project falls short. You are given a taste of each artist’s music, but nothing more.

So it is with this book.

For the uninitiated, McLaren shares a broad overview of historical spiritual practices, opening a door to show how each helps us to experience and understand God. As is his habit, he shares anecdotes of his own experience with the practices. For anyone new to spiritual disciplines, the book is an inviting buffet, a safe place to sample the offerings.


For those seeking direction on HOW to practice these disciplines, the book offers very little. That is the problem with incomplete directions – they don’t get you to the destination you seek. The Spiritual Exercises section at the end of each chapter are often more like opinion questions, and as such are about as useless as the discussion questions in most mass produced bible studies.

If you are looking for a well written, personally engaging introduction to spiritual practices, this might be a fun place to start. If you wish to learn and practice the disciplines, seek elsewhere.

Bill Todd
Guest Reviewer

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