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My Thoughts for You on Friday of Holy Week April 22, 2011

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After all the glory of Holy Thursday with being together for a meal, washing of the feet, and promise of a new way…the scene dramatically changes. If you lived in Jesus’ time and just happened to go to bed early on Thursday night you might not know that on Thursday night Jesus was found in the Garden and arrested.


Then comes Friday.  Friday of Holy Week, or Good Friday, the entire Church fixes her gaze on the Cross at Calvary and what has to be the saddest day of the year.  It’s when we find Jesus accused, jailed, judged and executed…all in a day.


For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.

Luke 19:10


I think about what it must have been like to be in the crowd as you watched the events unfold.  The same people who stood waving palm branches only a few days ago, now stood with a crowd ready to condemn. How quickly our motives shift when the popular vote swings in the opposite direction.


It seems now the question moves from am I willing to sit at the table with Jesus and allow Him to wash my feet?  Instead it becomes “Am I willing to follow Jesus to the cross?”


We believe, yes, but often remotely.  We follow, yes, but at arm’s length, at a nice comfortable distance.  For most of us our commitment to follow isn’t the kind that jeopardizes relationships or social standings.  Our commitment to follow isn’t the kind that people would probably recognize at all.  We move through the motions of Good Friday as if it were something to watch, something to realize with a gasp, something to give a sympathetic glance.  But nothing really serious.


Good Friday calls us back and gives us a new edge to the life-changing dimension of these days.  It reminds us that we, too, live in the loss of Jesus who came, went and will come again.  We live in the loss of the one who was born, died and will rise again.  The cross that we find on Good Friday wets the need for Jesus to return to our own lives.  It wets the need for Him meet us in our every day, to be there urging us on in the midst of our distractions and to keep us keenly aware of what our spiritual life is meant to be about.


One Response to “My Thoughts for You on Friday of Holy Week”

  1. Tina b Says:

    Very satisfying….I am here with a big arrow sucking out of my chest. The honor of being challenged weekly for faith in class has been awesome, but yes, I have held back and let some battles go by, but it is enough.

    Hanging around people who read well and think well makes you stand certain when you are challenged directly..Tina, tell us how one can be a. good christian and believe in derrida?

    Easy! What? Ok then, try this out professor…

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