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Max on Life Review May 3, 2011

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Max on Life, ISBN 9780849948121, was the best book of his I’ve read in a while.  It was a fun, engaging, topical-based discussion.  Here Max includes 172 answers to questions he’s received over the years.  It’s nicely divided into 7 categories:

  • Hope
  • Hurt
  • Help
  • Him/Her
  • Home
  • Have/Have-Nots
  • Hereafter.

Through these categories he shares his answers to questions he’s received over the years.  The questions were much of what I have at times asked myself, have had others ask to me…and often struggled with the answers.  In Max On Life, Lucado answers them in a straight forward, easy to understand, easy to apply way.  It felt like I might have been sitting in the chair across from him and he is talking directly to me.  I fully intended to only read a few sections before I made up my mind if I liked it or not.  Instead I found myself turning page after page to discover what the next question would be.  Each question is a “stand alone” thought and takes only one page.  Quick and simple.  No long, drawn out chapters.  No big words and high tech theology.  Just easy to understand answers to some of life’s biggest questions.  It’s an incredibly effective way to catch attention and provide a way for the reader to go get exactly what they need for the moment.

This resource is perfect for a new Christian just beginning their journey.  It’s a perfect resource for someone who has turned away from God.  Lucado answers so many questions from people that have been disillusioned by faith; have had situations arise where they have turned away from God.  It’s a valuable tool for pastors everywhere to share in their counseling sessions.

There is a genuine concern and a heart-felt honesty that comes in his answers.  I never felt like I was being lectured, I’d done something wrong, I shouldn’t be thinking that way, but rather encouraged and always pointed back to the One who loved us beyond measure.  Well done.

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