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Primal DVD Is a Great Resource May 25, 2011

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Just finished watching the Primal DVD, ISBN 9781601423702, by Mark Batterson.  Loved it!  It’s contemporary, relevant and engaging.  It complements the chapters in the book in a way that doesn’t simply restate everything in the chapter, but adds to the discussion.  So many times when there is a DVD study for a book they are too long to really use in a 1 hour study period.  Primal is quite the opposite.  Each DVD session is no longer than 10 minutes and wonderfully filmed.  I could quite easily see how you could instruct your group to read the chapters that correspond to each session.

There are 5 segments and an amazing source for additional resources and PDF’s to download.

  1. Primal Christianity
  2. Heart
  3. Soul
  4. Mind
  5. Strength

At the end of each session there are simple questions to begin your group discussion.  Once you begin watching Session 1, you’ll be hooked and want to continue watching.  What a great way to get your group excited about coming back week after week.  As I was watching I was thinking what a wonderful resource this would be if you needed a 10 minute devotional thought were asked to share something for a staff retreat.  Any of these 5 DVD chapters would be a perfect way to inspire conversation.  Loved the DVD resource and can’t wait to see how I can fit it into my ministry.

I’m a book reviewer for Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group and did receive this DVD as a free resource to review.   Free or not…cost had no impact on my final review.  “Primal” is an amazing resource for the $24.99 retail price!


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