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Beyond All Measure Is Middle of the Road July 1, 2011

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Beyond All Measure, ISBN 978-1595549006, is a good read, but found it to be quite so-so in terms of offering something new and characters that capture your attention.  The story is set in Tennessee in the 1870’s just after the Civil War.  Your main character is Ada, who is strong, independent and a Yankee the townspeople aren’t fast to accept. After the demise of her family in the North, she finds herself on a train to the South taking the position of caretaker to Lillian in Hickory Ridge, Tennessee.  Ada has dreams of her own business making hats, sees this position as a means to an end and is biding her time until she has enough saved to make her own way.  Wyatt, the handsome nephew of Lillian, while struggling with feelings left from his years fighting int he Civil War, finds himself drawn to Ada.  Like we didn’t see that coming.  There are other characters in the book that keep the story interesting, like Bea who is the back-stabbing do-gooder who wants the attention of the towns most eligible bachelor, you guessed it -Wyatt.  Then there’s the Klan activity and the segregation of blacks and whites in this small southern town.  Beyond all Measure is nice reading and teaches you a little about history at the same time.  A good middle of the road read.


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