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Loving the Love and Respect Experience November 7, 2011

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Marriage is hard…what did you expect?  I’ve read, sat in and even led the Love and Respect workshops by the Eggerichs’, so when I heard they had come out with a new devotional I had to have a copy.  The Love and Respect Experience devotional for couples is beautifully done.  It’s a big 6×9 devotional that has a leather-like cover and interior pages that are on a paper stock that’s a cut above the ordinary stocks typically used giving it a nice heavy feel.  They have built this new devotional around the topics in their successful “Love and Respect” book and workshop.  Inside you’ll find 52 daily topics that walk you through some of the major concepts found in the book.  The Eggerichs’ easy, personal style makes this devotional engaging and straight to the point.  They’ve include a prayer and an action step at the end of each day to take you that one step further.  No matter if you find yourself in a fabulous marriage, or a marriage that needs a little help, this devotional that is filled with practical steps based on personal experiences will walk you through solid concepts that really do make a difference in your marriage.  If you’re a fan of the Love and Respect material, or if this is the first time you’ve even heard the name, you’ll love this devotional.

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My View of The King’s Christmas List September 19, 2010

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The King’s Christmas List is a sweet way for kids to learn about the true meaning of Christmas, ISBN 978-1400316458.  It starts off with Emma and her fluffy dog Shu Shu getting an invitation to the King’s Birthday party.  Carefully they select just the right gifts to take to the party.  Then along the route to the party actually end up giving their gifts to people who needed them.  When they finally did arrive at the party they noticed that no one was giving gifts to the King…but instead to each other.  The King explains to Emma that the real meaning of Christmas is found when you give to others.  Then in the end notes of the book there is an invitation to make it real by giving to World Vision; Blood:  Water Mission in Africa; or your local food pantries.

I liked the concept of the story.  I do wish that the story was delivered with a little more excitement.  For a story of a girl and her dog going on an adventure…there wasn’t very much excitement.  Not sure if this one will end up in our bedtime story routine or not.  It was a good read with a good purpose.  Gotta give it a few stars for that!

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