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A 100 Day Adventure September 9, 2011

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I’m on day 17 of my adventure into my 100 days of prayer and I have to say I look forward to hearing what the next day has for me.  The whole concept of this book is focused on the transforming power of actively waiting on God.  I’m not much of a waiting type of person, so it was very difficult for me to read just one day and not plow ahead to see what the next day or two offered.  I wisely concluded that this type of behavior is exactly why I need to read this book in the first place.


In “Your 100 Day Prayer” John Snyder gives you a verse for the day, followed by a couple of paragraphs to describe the thought for the day, then guides you through an intentional prayer on how this days lesson moves you further into the reality of actively waiting on God.  Then at the close of each day there is a place for notes, reflection, and how God is meeting you in this process.  Waiting is not easy for me, but somehow it makes it feel a little more productive if I can glance back and see how God is moving and laying out His plans.  It’s in those times where we feel like nothing is “happening” that God is doing His most important work.

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