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Stained Glass Hearts August 9, 2011

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Stained Glass Hearts by Patsy Clairmont is a wonderful book that I read in 2 days.  Pasty has this unique way of sharing her story that has you laughing and crying all in the same sentence.  She is honest with the hard parts of life and encouraging with how God meets you along the way and mixes it all with just the right amount of humor.  It feels like you’re sitting on her porch swing listening to her tell you about her life.

The idea of the stained glass window takes center stage.  It’s about how God takes something that is broken, ugly and without purpose, but with His light shining through it we become beautiful and full of life.  From chapter 3 she writes: “My favorite part of the mosaic set in the floor at the studio was that every piece of the broken heart was there.  We have a Creator who knows where the scattered pieces of our hearts land and how to fit them back together again.  Not one splinter escapes His redemptive work.” That’s so true of everyone of us…and sometimes we need a reminder.

One of my favorite parts of the book is “The Art Gallery” at the end of each chapter where you can find additional questions, places to explore, poems to read, prayers that go along with the chapter themes and music to listen to.  What a nice addition.  This book is a great reminder that even in our brokenness, God sees our beauty and is more than able to put our broken pieces back together in His way to make us whole.  I’ve heard Patsy tell stories for years and they never get old. Loved it!