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Why Unraveled? September 10, 2009

Why unraveled?  I was a 4H’r for a good deal of my grade school years and that’s where I learned my first sewing skills – to my mom’s distress (she was a instructor…I drove her crazy I’m pretty sure).  If you know anything about sewing, when something begins to unravel it is often see as a big crisis.  You don’t want your fabric to unravel.  That’s bad, bad juju.  So, even in naming my site, this name kept coming to my mind, but I dismissed it because I kept thinking of it as negative.  I don’t want my life to be seen as an “unraveled mess.”  I wanted my seams to be all tight and neat.

But life’s not all sewn up tight and neat.  Life happens and it’s how we respond to it that reveals in us true character.  Unraveled is a place that represents for me how God is untangling, resolving and bringing to light the things he wants to see in my life.

God is always speaking.  Do I always hear Him?  No….  Even when I hear Him, do I listen?  To be honest I’d love to say Yes…but I have to say “No”….  But, everyday I do my best to quiet myself and listen to where He is speaking and what direction He wants to give me for my life.

That’s what Unraveled is about.  Opening up those spaces where God can untangle our lives and speak words of love and wisdom.  Maybe God can unravel a few things for you as well.  If not, just enjoy.


2 Responses to “Why Unraveled?”

  1. tammy collett Says:

    hey there. i’ll be following on the blog. i thought my classes were going to be cancelled until jan. but they start on 10/5. so i won’t be able to join the group this time. but this looks awesome. of course, i won’t be able to put my two cents in in a verbal manner…..the way i like! but i can read, reflect and reply. thanks for all that you do. tammy

    • Unraveled Says:

      I love to have you anyway it works out! I fully anticipate your weighing in on the conversation. Maybe next semester we’ll be able to get together in person.

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